Get listed on Goolge Maps


Setting up and optimizing your Google Maps listing (also called Google Business), is a very important thing that you should do. Your Google Maps listing can get you quite a bit of free traffic and direct responses.  When done right you can get your site listed on the first page of Google in your area. LEES MEER OVER IN HET NEDERLANDS

What makes Google Maps so powerful is the fact they feature reviews on your listing. It is essentially word of mouth advertising online, which is how most Reiki Practitioners secure their new clients. I am sure that by now you are familiar with Google Maps, it is part os Google search ( that allows people to search for local businesses. Not only that, but it is an app that a huge majority of people use on their phones. Google Maps was the most used application on smartphones last month, with over 50% of everyone owning smartphones using it at least once last month. Not only that, but 70% of people aged 35-55 say they use Google Maps to find local services. Even more powerful is that 70% of those reported that they trust online reviews as much as their friend referring a service to them in person.

Google Maps is perfect for Reiki Practitioners because it allows you to use the power of word of mouth advertising online to reach your exact target market. There is no other marketing technique I have come across that is free to set up and only requires a one time investment which will continuously drive new clients to you year after year.

Video 1: Setting up Google maps or your Google Business listing:

Video 3: Inside the dashboard:

Congratulations! You are now listed on one of the most powerful tools for driving new clients to you. However, in order to really see new clients lining up for your services you will need optimize your Google Maps listing.

1. Upload 5-10 photos onto your listing. This both helps your ranking and helps convert people who view your listing into new customers.

2. Pick good categories (you can pick up to 10) and use those categories in your introduction as keywords. This will make it so you show up for more search terms and you will show up higher up on the rankings.

3. Get at least 5 reviews. Why 5? Well your star rating wonโ€™t show up on Google unless you have 5 reviews. Having a 4-5 star rating on Google Maps makes a massive difference in how many people both click on your listing and how many people will make an appointment with you.

4. Get Local Citations! Citations are the #1 factor Google looks at in terms of where you are ranking on Google Maps. Why do rankings matter? Well the higher the ranking the more views you get, the more views you get the more customers you will bring in. So what are Citations? Well they are other websites your business address is listed on. Often these are directory sites like There are hundreds and hundreds of places you can get citations from yet there are a few that are VERY important to get listed on. 

Top Places to get listed for Citations:  These listing often take each 10-15 minutes to set up. It will take some time but is worth it.

Local Citation Sources in the Netherlands: (May no longer be free to get a lisitng)  (They will call you  - don't buy anything ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also check out this extra list for the Netherlands
And this one is for Belgium

For other countries see this list:

1. Yelp (International)

2. Manta (US)

3. AngiesList (US)

4. (US)

5. Expressupdate (US)

6. Cylex (UK)

7. Freeindex (UK)

Congratulations! While certainly not fully optimized if you completed the above citations you will start getting hits and driving new traffic to your business. The whole process + the citations + reviews will take most of you 2-3 hours to complete. This is nothing compared to the long-term benefits of having a listing will bring to you. Good luck!